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What is eWatch Smart Watch?

The special smart watch called eWatch supports you in your active lifestyle and logs your pulse, heart rate, sleep and much more. Smart Watch with Retina HD Touch Screen is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Why do I need this smart watch?

People with an active lifestyle have particularly great advantages in this Smart Watch, because such a life also includes control over their own fitness and health. How could you monitor them better than with a special sports watch that measures your pulse and blood pressure, tells you when to get up after sitting too long, logs your sleep and much more!

But not only people who exercise a lot and keep fit can benefit from this watch. Even people with different illnesses can keep a better eye on their values and immediately alert their doctor if they notice something that is acute and needs to be treated.


eWatch evaluation and recommendation

At first it sounds like a lot of bells and whistles for a wristwatch, but the fact that you can keep an eye on your overall fitness and health while you train with this eWatch is a very good innovation. Only when you do it right and know that you're not overtaxing your body will fitness and training work properly.

By knowing your values and also being able to monitor your sleep, your training can be good for your body and your health. In this way, this eWatch is a good addition to your existing sports program.

eWatch technical facts

This special Sport-Smart Watch offers you the following features:

  • Activity tracker: time display, step display, calorie consumption, distance display.
  • Automatic sleep monitoring and silent alarm: deep sleep, light sleep, awake state, alarm.
  • Remote camera.
  • Reminder after sitting too long that you should get up again.
  • Call and message notification.
  • Bluetooth: music, phone calls.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Retina HD touch screen.
  • Batteries required: 1 lithium polymer battery. Long battery life.
  • Size: 100.000,1x30,5x30,5cm.
  • Weight: 99.8g.
  • Waterproof.
  • Phone finder through Bluetooth, you should have your phone within range of your watch.
  • Ultra-resistant aluminum case with hardened, double-sided glass.

eWatch test

eWatch's Smart Watch with Retina HD Touch Screen is currently being launched in Germany and is being offered at a particularly attractive introductory price. Until now, many models were only available in the USA, but now this special watch will also be available in Europe and is compatible with smartphones from iOS and Android.

eWatch Reviews

Fitness and training alone often do not help to achieve the desired goals of a better health, because too much training and too wrong training as well as too little sleep usually favour the opposite. Therefore the eWatch with Retina HD Touch Screen (compatible with iOS and Android) is a special Smart Watch that helps you to monitor your sleep and much more, so that your training really bears fruit and does not harm you. Only when your heart rate, heart rate, blood pressure and sleep levels are working properly can your training help you get fitter and healthier.

A customer of this Smart Watch writes on the Internet that she bought this Smartwach with Retina HD Touch Screen for her brother for her birthday. They didn't expect too much, but they were all the more surprised when the watch arrived and they tried the settings.

A beautifully packaged UHr that looks good and is a wonderful gift. Next to the watch there is a manual including a USB cable. The watch comes with a 100% battery so it could be used directly. She connected the Smart Watch to an Android mobile phone and also downloaded and applied the app "Fun Run" directly from the Google Play Store. The clock was set up very well via the app and this she found very helpful. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram could also be used without any problems. You can also make phone calls or listen to music. She found it very practical that she no longer had to constantly take out her mobile phone and look at it, but the clock starts to vibrate when a message or a call came in. It is also possible to change the music via Bluetooth, which makes sports much easier, as she continues to write.

The battery life would speak for itself, it would be enough in any case a whole day. Of course, it would depend on how often it was used, but the battery would already hold well. It can also be recharged quickly. Her conclusion: A very inexpensive watch with many useful and practical features. You find it a very great alternative to the Apple Watch and it is definitely recommendable. Your little brother was very happy and totally satisfied, a total recommendation to buy!

Another customer reports that he expected much less for this price. He is now absolutely surprised by the Smart Watch with Retina HD Touch Screen, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

The workmanship of the materials is very good and the case is made of aluminium and the bracelet is made of silicone, which is not unpleasant even after long wearing or during sports.

The battery life is about one complete day. Charging can also be done quickly using the supplied charging cable. In his opinion, the range of software functions is very good. From his side a purchase recommendation for people who are not only interested in the materials - but who value the functional range.

Another customer briefly sums up that this is an inexpensive watch with many useful functions and a super Retina HD touch screen - and "really top" he would find the battery performance that his "Whats App" is displayed and that the watch vibrates when a call comes in. It's just great, he doesn't have to look at his smartphone all the time.

Where can I order eWatch?

You can order the eWatch with Retina HD Touch Screen at the official German manufacturer's website on the Internet, where you are granted discounts of up to 50 percent and a free delivery to your home. The more watches you order directly, the higher the volume discount. You can also order a two-year warranty on your watch or watches for a small extra charge.

Who is the supplier of the product?

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