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Cleaner streets

    • On the moment the streets are filled with garbage and other filthy stuff.

      I want to get rid of that, to make people happier there need to be an clean surrounding.

Protocol for refugees

    • On the moment there are lots of refugees coming to our country.

      You see that lots of them not able/not willing to get an job, so they live of our taxes.

      I am against that, ok you are an refugee but that doesn’t mean that you’re not able to get an new job. To get alimony you need to have:

  • Lived in the country for 2 years

  • Or had an job for at least 1 year

Renew the gun law

    • There’re people with some mental problems but still they’re aloud that get a gun.

      I am going to make sure that that will never happen again, I will let all people with a gun license will be checked to make sure none will have any mental problems. Those that do have an mental problem, there will the gun license be handed in and the guns will be removed from their house

      Modernizing Schools

    • On the moment school are out of date, the computers are slow teachers have most of the time no idea what they should with the computer, there’re not enough ICT people under the schools to keep the ICT in the school up to date. Sometimes teachers even have to ask students if they can fix their problems. This can’t go on any longer, there needs to be something done immediately. I will make sure that every school has at least 1 ICT employee and that every computer will be up to date and not as slow as an turtle.

Who am I

If you are wondering: “who the hell is this person??!”

Here is your answer, I am an ex criminal of an bank robbery I like to kill people and put knifes in my enemy’s back. No just kidding.

I am Glenn Radder. I love food and computers. I have 1 cat named: Jack. In my spare time I play hockey(goal keeper). And I want the best for the people around me. I am against useless violence, I see lots of times on the news that insane people with clearly mental problems have legally guns home and then start killing people without good reason( reason of point 3)

Voting day

Friday, Dec. 18th, 12am-11:45pm

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