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Crestomere School - Grade One - October Newsletter

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OCTOBER IS HERE!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Wow! Where did the first month of school go? The month of September sure went by quickly. Grade One has been off to a wonderful start. The children have quickly settled into classroom routines and are learning to become more independent. They show positive attitudes towards learning and they are learning to be supportive and respectful to each other. I'm sure that this school year will be fantastic!

Important Dates

Wednesday, October 7th: School Pictures

Friday, October 9th: PD Day - No School for students

Monday, October 12th: Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Wednesday, October 14th: Super Hero Day!

*Superhero cupcake bake sale $0.50 each. Proceeds going to future Cougar Council events.

Monday, October 19th: October book order due

Thursday, October 22nd: Pumpkin Carving (more info below)

Friday, October 23rd: PD Day - No School for students

Tuesday, October 27th: Healthy Harvest baking (more info below)

Wednesday, October 28th: Healthy Harvest Happening (more info below)

Friday, October 30th: Halloween Party (more info to come)

Birthdays this month:

October 6th - Brand

Happy birthday Brand!

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Some general notes!

Bucket Filling:

We have enjoyed learning about bucket filling throughout the month of September. We will continue to practice our bucket filling skills and will reference the bucket filling philosophy throughout the year. We will also be reminding ourselves how to be bucket fillers and how not to be bucket dippers.

High Five Words:

I hope the High Five practice is going well at home. As I have mentioned, I will not be sending home the next list of words until I receive the list from the week before. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Volunteers in the classroom:

Interested in volunteering in the classroom? I will be sending out a Google form at the end of the month through email and remind asking for the days I would like some assistance in the classroom. You can select a day (or days) that work for you and they will be removed from the form list. Please use this as your confirmation.

A couple of notes regarding parent volunteering:

-Anyone who wishes to volunteer - please be ready to sign a school volunteer form. It is a short form that only takes a moment to fill out.

-Other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) are more than welcome to come volunteer.

-Please contact me if you are unable to make it on a day you have signed up for.

-Duties of volunteering include:

  • cutting out and preparing centres
  • laminating
  • reading (with individuals or groups of students)
  • academic targeted games (with individuals or groups of students)
  • reading stories to the class :)

*Most importantly: please refrain from bringing any other children on the days you are coming to volunteer (unless it is a special event or is otherwise stated).


Starting in November, students will take turns taking home a special friend over the weekend. They will get to write and draw about one special activity they did with our friend. This is just a heads up - more info to come!

First Day Pictures!

October Book Order!

October Book Order due Monday, October 19th. Don't forget about the Parent Pay option!

Pumpkin Carving with our Junior High Friends!

We will be carving pumpkins on Thursday, October 22nd 2015. Each child will be paired up with a junior high student and will get to bring their pumpkin home for Halloween. I will be purchasing a pumpkin for each student. If you would like to help support the cost of the pumpkins and would be willing to donate a pumpkin please let me know! :) Thank you.

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can!

What's happening for the month of October...

Language - Word Study

We have been working hard on reviewing the letters of the alphabet using the Jolly Phonics alphabet program to learn the alphabet. For the month of October, we will be continuing with common blends such as /ai/, /ie/, /ng/, etc. as well as segmenting words. We will also be continuing with SMART Start! To assist in your child's reading development, please take time to go over the daily sound and sight word with your child.

Language - Reading

For the month of September, we have been talking about how we make connections to the stories we read and with our own lives. For October, we will be looking at predicting what will happen next in the stories we read.

Language - Writing

For writing, we have been focusing on labelling the pictures we draw. Please practice doing this with your child at home. Please see an example of labelling below :) For October, we will be looking at different types of lists :)


For September we have been reviewing our numbers to 20 through doing a variety of activities. We will continue doing this until the middle of November. We will also be working in the same timeframe for doing patterns.

Science & Social Studies

For Social Studies, we have started doing weekly class meetings to help promote positive friendships while at school. We will be talking about things that are going great as well as things we need to work on not only in the classroom but also on the playground.

For Science, we will be continuing with creating colours as well as discussing the fall seasonal changes.

Health & Life Skills

Health this month will be connected to class meetings and friendships as well as talking about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for.

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Spooky Reading Week!

Please send a labelled flashlight for your child to use for the week starting Monday, October 26th.

Healthy Harvest Happening!

Even with the hail, we still managed to get a pretty good crop from the raised beds. To use the food that we grew and celebrate our successes, we will be having a Healthy Harvest Happening on Wednesday, October 28th. To prepare for this event, we will be using the zucchini from the beds and will be making a special zucchini treat. The baking will be taking place on Tuesday, October 27th. Then for the harvest event on Wednesday, students are encouraged to bring harvest healthy lunches. We will be coming together to eat our lunches for a school wide picnic in the gym. We will also be cheering on our class treat as all the harvest items will be judged for some great prizes. I will be sending out a Google form to help us with our baking very soon!

The Terry Fox Run was a big success!

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Parent Section :)

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