The first tape recorder

Interesting Facts

  • Telegraphon Model was patented in 1898
  • It was first used as an early telephone answering machine
  • It was shown at the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris
  • The scientific and technical press thought it was a revolutionary innovation. but the world took little notice of it

Tape Recorders Throughout the Ages

Impact on Industrial Growth

  • Poulsen's telegraphon was more advanced than the mechanical recording process used at that time
  • The background noise of the recording was low
  • The length of the recording was longer than all the others
  • The wire used was better than others because it could be erased and recorded over
  • One of its only negative aspects was the sound, the volume of the telegraphon was very low
  • The telegraphon was never successfully marketed

Valdemar Poulsen

Danish inventor, who was the first to patent the device with the ability to play back recorded sounds from steel wire; he named it the telegrahon.