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The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.”

― Viktor E. Frankl

Optional Remote Learning Schedules For At Home Learning

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Athletic Department

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Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting - Galway began a Trap Shooting club for students in grades 7 through 12. The Galway Fish and Game club has offered to house the club, provide equipment, all the clay birds, and a volunteer coaching staff comprised of Division athletes and lifelong members. Community member and veterinarian Heather Tillson spearheaded the partnership between the Fish and Game club and the after school club for our students. The first meeting took place on Thursday, January 21 at the Galway Fish and Game club, located on route 29. During the first meeting on January 21, Heather and her sister, Colleen Tillson, both Division 1 athletes, introduced the club sport to the more than 40 students interested in joining. The Fish and Game Club President Garrett Heritage also presented to students and parents and invited all to learn about the sport and try it out. He also stressed that the club was inclusive of all people and wanted everyone to feel comfortable while participating. The Galway Trap shooting club will meet on Thursdays between 2:00 and 6:00pm. Students will be put into "relays" or groups where they will receive 1 on 1 instruction from the experienced staff as they get started. The competitions will begin in early April. All competitions are virtual, which will allow this club to thrive, even during the pandemic. The trap shooting club attracted students of all grade and ability levels, and offers a new, engaging activity for our students, that may otherwise have avoided extra curricular activities. If you're interested in joining, please register on FamilyID or contact Assistant Principal, Elise Britt at

Spectrum News Story on the Trap Shooting Club

Interscholastic Athletics Update

On Friday, January 22, 2021 Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the following:

“Effective February 1, 2021, participants in higher risk sports and recreation activities may partake in individual or distanced group training and organized no/low contact group training and, further, may patake in other types of play, including competitions and tournaments, only as permitted by the respective local health authorities (i.e., county health departments). “ Galway Central School District's local DOH is Saratoga County DOH. As of Thursday, January 28, Saratoga County DOH has not approved or denied the beginning of high risk sports on February 1, 2021. Registration for winter sports (Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer, and Wrestling) has been opened on FamilyID so that the district is prepared to begin a season if we get approval. If the winter season can begin, it will end on March 13, 2021. There will not be a sectional tournament, but there will likely be a league culminating event.

The Fall 2 season is set to begin on March 7. Under current restrictions, Fall 2 will consist of Boys and Girls Soccer. If given approval for high risk sports by March 7, Girls Volleyball will also take place during the Fall 2 season. The season is set to end on May 1, 2021. There will not be a sectional tournament, but there will likely be a league culminating event.

The spring season will begin on May 2, 2021 for Softball and Boys & Girls Track & Field. Baseball is also a spring sport, and that can begin on April 28, 2021. Baseball is allowed to start 4 days earlier because that sport requires athletes to complete 10 practices prior to a competition, where the other spring sports only require 6 practices prior to a competition. The spring season is currently set to end on June 25, 2021, but that date may change. It is unlikely that there will be a sectional, regional or state tournament, but it has not been ruled out yet.

Please direct all questions regarding interscholastic athletics to Athletic Director, Elise Brit at

Spotlight on a CEIP Intern

Michelle Sherman

Greetings, my name is Michelle Sherman, and I'm currently a Senior at Galway High School. I'm the President of GSA, a member of National Honor Society, and a staff member for Impressions. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, and watching anime. I'm an extreme nerd, if you question any of my friends, they'll inform you that reading is more of an addiction for me. On average I read about four hours every day. Reading has always been a way for me to relieve stress, and to drift off into another world of imagination. This hobby of mine is very special to me, I hope to carry it off into future careers. I've also been studying Japanese whenever I can, so now I can now properly introduce myself in Japanese!

For four years, I've been taking business classes, to enter the newly offered Business Pathway at graduation. A requirement to enter the pathway is to be in an internship for a full year. Thus, I decided to intern under Mrs. Decker for the Junior High EMC. From my experiences under my internship so far, my writing and editing skills have improved greatly. It has increased my confidence within my writing, and I'm thrilled to continue to improve myself as I journey throughout my internship. My internship will most likely influence my future career; considering that I'd like to become a business translator. A business translator is someone who professionally translates business documents, emails, ect. from multiple languages. As a business translator, one must have well-developed writing and editing skills, which will definitely be nurtured from my internship.

The colleges that interest me are SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Binghamton and FMCC. I plan to major in either Business Communications/Management or International Business. I'd also like a minor in Japanese, to be officially documented as bilingual. I also chose these colleges, because I'm interested in the one of the programs that they offer, where selected students can spend a semester in Japan. Although my dream job would be a famous author of mystical novels, I look forward to the future with an open mind. I await my adventure throughout college! I wish to thank all the teachers, family and friends who supported me throughout school, I owe you my complete gratitude. Truly, thank you.

Spotlight on History

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