Carrier changes

By: Brandon Noble

Moving from hard labour jobs to technology jobs.

Many jobs are undergoing changes. Like the amount of work one individual does by there self. Now many jobs are requiring machines to get jobs done faster to keep up with supply and demand.

When considering a career change.

1. When you first begin you want to think it over and make sure that you will be able to do the job. Also think about if its want you want to do.

Developing a plan

2. You should have a plan of what assess training will be needed to do the job.

3. Also it is important to know what you are getting into. Do a little background research to find out more info about the job.

Making the change

4. Rethink you decision and make sure you want to move to this particular job.

5. Think of you schooling, did the things you studied help you on this job?

6. Do research and find out more of your job choice.

Beginning the new journey

7. Improve on your skills on the job.

8. Set up a interview and show the employer all the training and awards you won.