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Background information

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad and two of its major cities are Santa cruz,and Noord.Aruba was discovered and claimed for Spain in 1499 but was aquirred by the Dutch in 1636 and its islands economy was dominated by three main industries.Aruba gained its independence in the 1990's and its official language is papiamento which is a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect
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Geographical information

Aruba is located in the Caribbean,specifically a island in the Caribbean sea and is north of venezula.Aruba is a prerty flat riderless island with tropical climates at a constant 27 degrees Celsius some physical features are mt.Ceru Jamanota,mt.Alto Vista,and mt.christoffel NP.

Political and diplomacy information

Aruba is a parliamentary democracy.Arubas current leader of their government is chief executive michiel godfried eman and is on good terms with con tires around it

Economic and trade information

The curen y of Aruba is the araban florín and its economic system is a capitalism.aruba imports machinery and electrical equipment,crude oil for refining and reexport,chemicals,and foodstuff while Aruba also exports live animals and animal products,art and collectables,machinery and electrical equipment,and las but not least transport equipment

Tourist information

People should visit Aruba because they could stay and resorts and have vacations in the area,sense the constant climate in Aruba is a tropical climate it give a lot more verity to do out in the warm mad outside then indoors.Aruba can also be s very interesting country so learning a little history about the place wouldn't hurt anyone because it goes back for a while and you never really know what Aruba can relate to