President of the United States



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  1. United States natural born citizen
  2. Be of 30 years of age
  3. Have been an resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years

Constitutional Powers

  • Commander in chief
  • Grants Pardons
  • Make treaties with consent from senate
  • Receive ambassadors
  • Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, and supreme court justices.
  • State of the Union address
  • Can call congress into special session
  • Laws are carried out
  • Chooses cabinet
  • Appoints heads of executive departments

Most important power is making sure laws are carried out. The president has final say for laws for the people.


  • Chief of State
  • Chief Executive
  • Commander in chief
  • Chief Diplomat
  • Chief Legislator
  • Economic Planner
  • Political Party Leader
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Perks, Salary, and Benefits

Salary: $400,000 dollars

Perks/Benefits: Full free access to the President's Limousine, Marine one, and Air Force one and also able to live the capital's Mansion.

  • Personal staff
  • Camp David
  • Own Personal Security team


The president needs to:

  • Understand the public
  • Needs ability to communicate
  • Needs sense of timing
  • Ability to compromise
  • To have political courage

Gun Control

  1. As president you have the ability to pass or veto laws. You will be able pass laws involving gun control. Also as Chief executive you would be able to enforce these laws at cost.