BES Parent Newsletter

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Transitioning from "all remote" to "some in person, some remote"

This week (9/28-10/1) is our final week in which all students will be learning remotely. This Friday (10/2) is a teacher workday so there will not be any live google meetings and no new work will be assigned. Students will have access to their online learning platform (Seesaw or google classroom) if they need to finish up any missing assignments.

Progress reports will be printed this week and will be sent home on Monday, 10/5 with "in person" students and will be available for pick up at school for parents of those students who will be continuing with remote learning. The grades on the progress report will carry over into the next phase of the school year. That means if your child has a new teacher starting on 10/5, the grades he/she earned from 8/31-10/2 will be given to the new teacher and entered into her gradebook.

Class lists for "all remote" and "in person" have been finalized and the teachers will begin communicating with parents on Monday, 9/28, to let you know whose class your child will be in for the next phase of the school year. Teachers who are teaching remote classes will be teaching only those students who are not coming to school in person. Teachers who are teaching students in person at school will no longer be teaching students who are doing remote learning. I have heard a few parents say things like, "We're going on vacation the week before Thanksgiving so he/she can just do remote that week." That is not how this works. Remote is remote and in person is in person...they are different classes with different teachers. If you have chosen in person learning and you take a vacation, you will need to contact the teacher and ask for work while you're gone or make it up when you get back. Your student cannot simply be switched to a remote class for a week and then back into the regular class when you get back. That would be a logistical nightmare for in many ways...especially if there were several folks doing that in the same time frame.

The biggest key to making all of this successful is communication. Communicate early with the teacher when there are questions. Communicate early with me when you're trying to decide if it's time to try to switch from remote to in person or if you feel like you need to change to remote.

Parent reps for our Advisory Council and School Improvement Team

I've had a few volunteers for these committees. If you think you'd be interested in serving on one of these, please send me an email or give me a call. Contact info is at the bottom of the newsletter.

Relink Ingles Advantage Card

Just a reminder that Ingles requires you to re-link your Advantage Card to a school of your choice each year. I relinked mine the other day and it took less than 30 seconds. Have your Advantage Card in your hand and go to the Ingles Tools for Schools website. Easy peasy! One of the elementary schools in our county got over $6000 in Tools for Schools benefits this past school year. Our fundraising is going to be very limited this year so we need all the help we can get. Please do this and tell your friends and neighbors, too. Thanks!!

Lunch Information

Beginning this week (9/28-10/2) the time for curbside pickup/drive thru service will be from 12:00 noon-1:00 pm. Meals will be available for pickup even when students come back to school because there are some choosing the remote only option and the meals are available for children ages 1-18. We are only allowed to provide one breakfast and lunch per child per day. If you're picking up meals for children who aren't with you, please have a note or text from them letting us know you're picking up meals for them.

For students who are coming back to school on 10/5, breakfast and lunch will be provided for free until December 31. Both of those meals will be eaten in the classroom in keeping with safety protocols due to COVID-19.

Parents of remote students may pick up the free meals in the same manner of curbside/drive thru as we have been doing since March.

Stay tuned for more information

There will be more parent newsletters coming this week in an effort to give you as much information as we possibly can about what to expect on Monday, 10/5.

Don't hesitate to call if the newsletters don't answer your questions!