Jorge Sanchez Seminar

What is an Infomercial?

An infomercial is a television program that promotes a product and informs the audience in a objective way.

The purpose of an Infomercial

The purpose of an infomercial is to inform the audience of the produt and the information to get the product

What is Marketing

Marketing is a term used to describe the communication between the company and a consumer

Marketing Strategies

The four marketing Strategies are

1. Product- Is what the consumer wants from the product you are trying to sell and if it is necessary.

2. Place- Is where can you buy the product through a store, website, or by phone.

3.Price- Is the price of the product and determining whether or not it is affordable and appealing to the audience

4.Promotion-Is how do you get your message of your product to consumers through advertisement.

Halo Effect

t is important to have a good impression on the audience in order to sell your product and people will think good about your products. This is based on the Halo Effect.

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