By: Paetyn Johnson

Religious Symbol

The Christian religion's symbol is a cross.


Jesus Christ was the person who founded Christianity during the first century AD.

Who much of our population is dedicated to Christianity?

Over half of the world practices Christianity.

Basic Practices

  • Worship Service
- singing

- praying


  • Baptism
  • Communion
  • Prayer on their own
  • The Lord's Supper


Christians worship in buildings called churches which is where they meet every Sunday to worship Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible

Christians study their holy book which is known as the bible. It contains all stories of Jesus Christ.


Sin? The Christians live by the bible and the bible tells them to not sin. There is a list of ten commandments which tells one what exactly sin is.

Heaven & Hell? Christians believe once a person dies, they are either sent to hell or heaven based on their life as human. It's mainly based on how much they've sinned, or if they have been saved.

Creation? Christian believe that God created to the world and all its people.

Poor & Rich? Christian believe that "Man cannot serve both God and Mammon." Which means that in order to serve God, you must be willing to give everything up.

Salvation? Christians can be saved from sin and its consequences.

Marriage? Christians believe you should not have sexual relations until after you are married to them. They do not believe in divorce.

Abortion? Christians believe abortion is a sin because it is basically killing one of the Lord's children.


Christians celebrate Christmas every year on December 25th which marks the day of Jesus Christ's birth.


Christians celebrate Easter to remember Jesus's death and resurrection. The date changes every year.
The Story of Christianity