How did India get independence?

India's Independence Movement

The British to over the Colonization

Great Britain had took control of India for nearly two hundred years. But by the early 1900s the British had control of the region was started to weaken.

The loyal Lions

In the early 1900s, nationalism grew in India. Nationalism is a loyalty and devotion to a nation. The Indians were upset by British rules, because they were treated as second- class citizens in their own country.

The Greatest Leader that Movement

Mohandas Gandhi led India's struggle for independence from the British. He also encouraged the practice of nonviolence, and refusing to obey a law that you feel it is unfair. millions of Indians had participated in the nonviolent resistance against British rule under Gandhi's leadership.

India's Freedom from Great Britian

Although Gandhi's protest were peaceful, but the British imprisoned Gandhi and INC officials on several occasions. Then riots had started to form and began to erupt regularly. The riots convinced the British that maintaining control of India was too costly. In August 15, 1947 successfully gandhi's effort won India's independence from Great Britain.