Notes from the Library

November 18, 2013

In Library...

Third Graders are exploring reference resources. In collaboration with Ruth they are charting what content each resource has, how it is organized, and what tools are embedded in it to help access information quickly.

Fourth grade students are learning note-taking strategies. We will explore the differences between a variety of graphic organizers including two-column notes and webbing.

Kudos the the Fifth Graders who have finished their 5-week Ocean Animals Research Project! They were citing sources up to the last minute! Each student will be presenting to their classmates as part of their final project.

First grade students are reading sources of information about Nocturnal Animals and taking notes. They are focused on learning about the owl, raccoon, opossum, skunk, and bat. There are great resources for students at!
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Just for Fun... The Hungry Games

For those that need a Hunger Games pick-me-up, here is Seasame Street's parody The Hungry Games: Catching Fur.

Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

Genre Shelving in our Fiction Section

Beginning in January, our library will be participating in a 3-month trial. I am conducting action research to determine whether students will find books with more ease and if there is a change in number of check-outs if the fiction section is ordered by genre rather than alphabetical order. At least two other librarians in Virginia are participating in the trial. We will collect data and make reports to our respective districts. I am excited about getting student input during this project. I will have surveys for students to complete pre and post trial.