A Child Called "It"

By: Dave Pelzer

The Unforgettable Childhood

David was a normal boy that played with his brothers and ate meals. He was a part of the family. One day, when he was about three or four years old, his stupor mother came out of the room and smacked him for no reason. This small beating turned into major beatings, starvation periods, and cruel torcheres. There were 3 days when he went without food, even a 10 day period without food. There were many was cruel torcheres as of having his faced smeared and almost forced to eat his infant brothers excrement and there was countless amounts of frazzled chores for him to do if he wanted his brothers leftover food from that night. There were many brutal beatings including almost burning him on the stove and stabbing him in the stomach. He would have no choice but to go with no defiance. After, she would tell him what to say if anyone asked about all of the bruises and cuts all over his body and that was an accident and his fault too. These acts did not happen to and when his brothers were around and nether was his father even though his father knew. His mother would brainwash him into thinking these torcheres were because he was a "bad boy".

Pronunciation Guide

Defiance (dih-fahy-uh ns) = a daring or bold resistance to authority or any opposing force.

Stupor (stoop-per, styoo) = suspension or great diminution of sensibility, as in disease or as caused by narcotics, intoxicants, ect.

Frazzled (fraz-uh ld) = worn-out; fatigued.

DAVID PELZER a child called it

By: Andrew Woloszyn