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Arrival and Dismissal during Rain and Lightning Procedures

Good Morning Liberty Parents,

In case of lightning occurring at morning arrival today…here are our campus procedures for rain and lightning.

Have a great day!

Liberty Elementary Rain & Lightning Procedures

Per KISD Guidelines during lightning, the Keller ISD staff will follow the standards set forth by the National Lightning Safety Council. Staff members are not allowed to direct traffic or open car doors during a lightning storm.

Here is what you will need to do in each circumstance:

Morning arrival with lightning:

· Cones will be placed in lanes to help guide traffic

· Pull your car up to the curb in the front of the building. Students will be allowed to enter both the main doorway and the Kindergarten doorway.

· Staff will be outside to assist students in the building once they get out of cars

Morning arrival with only rain:

· Normal drop-off procedures

Afternoon dismissal during lightning:

· Students will be contained inside the building until the lightning storm has passed.

· Although, it is not recommended, a parent may enter the building and escort their child outside.

· If you choose to have your child dismissed during a lightning storm, the District will honor the request if you sign the District approved waiver form. This form was available on Infosnap when you completed re-verification this summer.

Afternoon dismissal with no lightning:

· Students will be held inside the main corridors.

· Please pull your car up as usual and teachers will shuttle students from the building to your vehicle.

· This process will add additional time to drop-off/pick-up, but it is well worth it where the safety of our students is concerned.

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