Number the Stars

Lois Lowry

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In German controlled Copenhagen, Annemarie and Ellen are best friends. Even when Annemarie's little sister, Kirsti, tags along the two girls still have fun. But the fun ends when the first signs of discrimination happen. The button shop that Annemarie needed to go to was closed and had a giant padlock with a swastika on it. She tells her parents and then they know. The Germans are hunting the Jews.

Annemarie remembers that her friend Ellen is a Jew. Annemarie's parent and her, along with Peter Neilsen, they try to help Ellen and other Jews escape from Denmark to Sweden. Will they make it or get caught and shot? Read the book to find out.

Few Facts That Are in the Book

  1. Scientists made a drug out of cocaine and dried rabbits blood to keep the police dogs from sniffing out the Jews
  2. The Danish navy sank their own ships to protect them from German use.
  3. Almost the entire Jewish population of Denmark fled to Sweden. Almost 7,000 people!

Who Would Like This Book

The people who would like this book would be the people who like and good friendship between people in hard times. This book is filled with suspense. Even though Ellen is Jewish and being hunted, Annemarie is always there.

Four out of Five stars