Sparkling Roses Monthly Newsletter

November 2014

Team Stats

Team Sales: $8,317.00

Parties: 18

Average Party: $462

Team Members: 20

Jennifer's Stats

Sales: $1,447

Parties: 3

Average Party: $482

Consultant Paycheck: $362

Director Paycheck: $612

*I share this with you not to brag but to show you what leadership can do for your business.

Top Sellers and Recruiters

Top Sellers -

Andrea Bilodeau: $1,626.00

Allison Ross: $1,485.00

Melodie Bishop: $1,409.00

Top Recruiters-

Melodie Bishop: 2

Allison Ross: 1

Welcome to our newest members

Michelle Steele

Tammy Gallant

Cassie Briggs


No Promotions

December Key Dates and Events

December Customer Special

December is one of our biggest customers specials ever as customers have a choice of 5 different products and different price points. With every $35 purchase our customers can choose a Mini Zipper Pouch or a Littles Caddy Carry All for only $5 OR a Cinch Sac or a Baubles and Bracelets Case for $10 OR a Canvas Crew Carry All for $25. The Canvas Crew can have specialized extra large embroidery for $10 AND will be available in the new pink color coming out this spring.

December Hostess Special

The Hostess Special we've all been waiting for is finally here! Hostesses will receive the Stand Tall Insert AND a Large Utility Tote of their choice for only $15 for a party of $200-$599 and for FREE for parties over $600. The Stand Tall Insert will NOT be available in the spring catalog as many of us had hoped so hosting this month is the only way for people to get it. The reasoning behind why it will not be offered in the catalog is because the materials used to make it, extra strong and antimicrobial, are too expensive to replicate and would cost about $50 each and Thirty One feels that is too expensive for an add on piece and would much rather offer it all a special only. Use this to your advantage and promote hosting this month. In house, facebook and catalog parties will all work.

Ready, Set, Sell

The month before a new catalog Thirty One offers a selling incentive called Ready, Set, Sell. This incentive is available to active consultants who sell certain amounts during the incentive period. Thirty One does this so those of us who do sell regularly can earn products and business supplies from the new catalog without having to purchase them. It wold be costly to purchase new products for our displays every 4-6 months. this Ready, Set, Sell incentive period runs from December 1-15 and will have earning levels of $300, $600 and $1,200 in PV.

The Spring Add on Kit

Thirty One also offers an Add On Kit to the new spring line that can be purchased at a very discounted rate. This kit also allows for consultants to get their hands on products coming out in the new catalog to help us promote them and sell them. The Spring Add on Kit can be purchased only from December 1-15 and is only $40. This kit includes $130 of new products including a new Jewell be 31 product.

The New Spring/Summer Catalog and the Introduction of Jewell by Thirty-One

A new Spring/Summer Catalog featuring 25 new styles!

This includes an expansion to the popular Canvas Crew Collection, plus the introduction of Jewell by Thirty-One!

Along with the new styles, there are 12 new prints, 10 new faux leather colors and three new faux leather textures.

We have additional prints for your Customers to choose from that are not shown in the Catalog because they are past season prints. Instead, your Customers can find these “Last Chance” prints in select styles on and your MyThirtyOne website.

We’ve updated some measurements in the new Spring Catalog.


Each chapter features organizing solutions for a different part of life – there are styles “Just For You,” “For Your Home” and “For Your Family.”


With this new schedule you’ll be able to focus less on seasonal changeover and more on what strengthens your business – like booking, selling and recruiting. And don’t worry, we’ll keep things interesting for Customers with exclusive specials and products!

Heart of her Award

If you know a Consultant who leads with her heart and is passionate about giving back, we want to hear about her!

We invite you to nominate her for the 2015 Heart of Her Award, established in 2013 by the founding Thirty-One Gives Care Council.

This award honors a Consultant who exemplifies the essence of Thirty-One Gives by offering her time, talent and treasure to support philanthropic work that is focused on girls, women and families while upholding the characteristics of a virtuous woman and balancing a successful business with Thirty-One.

Nominations will be accepted from Sunday, Nov. 16, through Monday, Dec. 29.

Strong Start Calls

Don't forget every Monday at 8pm and every Tuesday at 9pm you can call in and get help from a Director in our NED family on starting your business off right.