Every Time A Wave Jumps,

Energy Begins to Pump


- The first wave energy tester was produced in 2008 in Portugal.

- First full prototype was created between 2004 - 2007

- The company was founded in 1988 by Richard Yemm, Chris Yeltzer, and David Pizer

- It's headquarters is in Edinburgh, Scotland

Pelamis Wave Power - the story so far

Science and Technology

- Wave energy is transportation of energy that is produced by ocean surface waves

- This type of energy is not stored, but constantly used and every time a new wave is produces, more energy is sparked inside of the machine.

- It works because the wave pushes some of the machine to one side, producing a ton of energy, while not even taking up the resources, because it will never go away

- The machine is made up of sections that are flexible and bend every time a wave passes

- The machine operates in water that is 50m above sea level

- The motion of the machine pumps high pressure oil through motors that generate electricity


- It would cost around 4 million dollars to produces only one machine

- The pelamis energy converter is way better than coal because it does not acutually use up the resource

- Coal cost is 12 cents every kW/h

- Wave energy cost is 5 cents every kW/h

Positive Impacts

- Generates more energy

- Always works because waves could be produced anywhere

- Eco-energy is good image for tourism

Negative Impacts

- There must be many of these gigantic machines in the ocean for the world to live off of wave energy

Uses Today

- The Pelamis Enegy converter converts 750 kW of electricity

- It uses the waves to produce electricity

- The electricity gets distributed everywhere

Obstacles to Widespread Use

- The only obstacle is that there must be many of these large machines sitting in the middle of ocean