Ancient Chinese Inventions

How do we use the Chinese Inventions from long ago today???

Chinese Inventions

Many civilizations have had great impacts on the technology and things that we use today. There are many civilizations that have surpassed the amount of effort and technology that has influenced what we have now in our generation. One of these civilizations are the Ancient Chinese.

Three Chinese Inventions That We Use Today


The Chinese had basically done what almost every civilization had done to write. They made paper. Paper in the U.S and probably every country in the world is the same. This meaning that they were influenced by the same place or they were from the same civilization from long ago and it was not like that long ago. Egypt had papyrus which obviously lead to the other civilizations after to kind of remake and lead up to what we made today. The Chinese had paper that was a bit like parchment. Paper had enabled them to write and communicate with others and was actually first used for wrapping. This was an advantage to them communication wise and helped to further expand the knowledge of the people.


The wheelbarrow was something that was originally designed by the Chinese. It wasn't something that they remade, it had just been made by the several thoughts in their brain. The wheelbarrow was used to carry heavy objects to different locations.These locations were mostly building sites. This had advanced technology because it could have influenced transportation.We use these today for basically the same reason; to carry things and this must have influenced many things like a tractor or some kind of thing we have now.


The Waterwheel was definitely a great invention. China did not have much crops but rice and wheat. The waterwheel had been used to grind the grain faster and effectively compared to the people grinding it. This had obviously sped up selling processes and helped China gain more food faster.