Open House Smore

Earthquakes PBL

EQ:How can we as structural engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?


The PBL was a project to build Tony Stark a house.The house had to be earthquake proof.It had to be located near where not many earthquakes occur.We chose to build the house in Chico.I learned that you have to live somewhere where no earthquakes occur.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project


This project was about the green house affect.My project has information about what causes it and how can you stop it.I put pictures of polar bears of the ice melting below them because of the heat.I liked how we got to put differnt kind of pictures.

Invection Convection


For my project I innovation a windmill.I put solar panels on the blads.My innovation will give light to a barn and give it AC.This project will be reducing pollution and global warming emissions.
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