Sour Patch Kidds

How they came to be.

how it started

Long ago in a village just like any other, kids went of to school. “Todays assignment,” the teacher began, “We’ll be studying the great Gods.” The kids were astounded at the assignment. “Oh class!, the teacher proclaimed, “we will have a visitor tomorrow.”

The next day, came with a flash. All the kids were exited and ran as fast as lighting to get to school. Everyone was so jittery, to see who the visitor was. “Now class this is the cook of Zeus.” The teacher announced.

The cook told all about his job and working for Zeus, then he took questions. “Can you show us what you do?” a kid asked. The cook nodded and asked for a volunteer. He picked a small girl that was giggling at him. Tapped her head three time and POOF she was a sour patch kidd. The classes mouth dropped in aw.

to be satified

how it ended

The next thing you know the cook is going mad happy turning all the kids into sour patch kidds. In a few hours all the kids in the village were gone. He brought the up to Zeus and Zeus liked them. He gobbled all of them up and said “Make Me More!”

Now everyday kids are offered up in sacrifice to create this delectable treat. This was all because of a little girl laughing. Now every time you bite into them you can here the children scream.