Social Media in the Classroom

Some Thoughts

Totally Essential

Teachers are facing 1:1 classrooms more and more everyday. I had the opportunity to have a 1:1 classroom when I volunteered to teach the 6th grade class that qualified as gifted. I was completely invested in how I could use technology to help the students have success in their learning. Our school had a strict policy on facebook: it stays out of the classroom. By my 4th year of teaching, I went rogue and started my facebook teacher fan page. My interactions were primitive, I mean all I did was shoot out links, but it was a solid start in my journey of embedding social media in my classroom. The reality is that social media isn't going away, but it is getting more user friendly and more useful in ways people never thought before. It's important to explore social media and prepare the students for technologies and careers that haven't been invented yet.

What's my plan?

These are just the beginning!

I'm gaining insight from colleagues in class, social media sites, blogs and material we are reading in class. If you would like to share an idea you have for using social media in the classroom, please click the button below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on using social media in the classroom!