Children abused by Industrial USA

June 10, 1920 Written By: Maxwell Smith

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Children are working for little pay in harsh working condition

America during this time period was changing from everything being done by hand to machines driving Americas economy. This lead to factory owners looking for cheap labor to run these machines. Children are working to help their family's stay alive. During this time the middle class was very poor due to no minimum wage, and that women could be paid less the half of a men wage, leading to kids to make money to supply their family's. kids would make around fifty to sixty cents a day in harsh conditions or even less if the job was more basic. "Breaker Boys" inhaled tons amounts coal dust, that was damaging their lunges

Child Labor Ending in the United States

Child labor came to a close in the United states when the national industrial recovery Act, and fair labor act set minimum age and wage and limited work weeks. these laws banned any one under the age of 12 to work at all