The Pos. and Neg. of Imigration

What are the Positives and Negatives Of Immigration?

What are Positives of Immigration?

The positives of Immigration are the U.S. gives a place for people to start over and to call home and by doing so brings the economy up. Another positive is by making homes for people the U.S. also is filling jobs which makes the economy go up and makes it so companies can expand and produce more products which means more money is made which means more money to pay more people its an endless cycle that just goes on forever. People that immigrated to the United States cover 16% the jobs, 50% of the jobs have a high degree 25% of which is cover by immigrants.


The first negative of Immigration is less food for the people that need it, less room for nature and some people come illegally witch causes problems if the government finds out they get sent back to there original country. Also people that come from other countries get paid less which brigs down the United States economy and makes the people from other countries angry and irritated. By coming to America and not filling out the paperwork to be a citizen you are asking to get sent back to your country of origin and when you do don't get angry with the government or America you can only blame your self and it doesn't just affect you it also affects your kids they lose their parents and get put into an adoption home which brings down the economy if you don't want to fill out the paperwork them talk to the government about it or just don't come to America.

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