Like Smoking? Read this

By: Isaiah

Why should you quit smoking?

If you have just started smoking or even if you have been lately, then you're at risk of basically killing yourself. Smoking is one of the reasons why people look older, teeth look black, and run out of breath a lot faster than people who don't smoke. So you're better off not smoking.

Lung cancer is one of the main cause of smoking. It causes cancer by stuff that blocks the artery which makes it harder for the blood to flow. Therefore the heart pumps faster, which causes a shortness of breathing. Also since since the arteries get blocked, it increase the risk of lung cancer. Your lungs also turn black because of the carbon particles in the cigarette. Why would you want to keep smoking when you could develop cancer and basically kill your self? Think of it this way; you have a cigarette or a gun both can kill you. One of them is faster than the other, what would you pick. If you don't want to shoot your self, then why would you smoke?

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Still don't want to quit?

Not only do you smoke your life away but you will also not like the result of what you look like when you smoke. You could end up having a missing jaw because of cancers. You also end up looking older than you really are. For example you could be 18 and you start smoking, you will probably end up looking 30 years old. You also will start to smell like smoke. Most people may not want you to be in their house because you smell bad. Plus your mouth will be all black and be hard to get yourself a lady. Plus your losing money from buying tobacco. So you could find yourself broke later on in life.

Are you sure you want to keep smoking?

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