Colombia South America

By Andrew Kern

Name the major rivers in Colombia.

Three of the major rivers are the Cauca River, the Magdalena River and the Guavaire River. Cauca River is Colombias second largest river. The Guaviare River is a tributary of the Orinoco located in Colombia. The Magdalena River basin covers 24% of Colombia's national territory.

What kind of food do the people of Colombia eat? Recipes?

Colombians food is diverse. They like to deep fry everything. Meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish) are popular, and most dishes are served with rice, beans, or potatoes. A popular side dish is Ajiaco. It is made up of hot chili peppers, vinager, onions, salt and cumin to taste.

What enviromental issues does this country face?

Colombia has has over 100,549 hurricanes in one calendar year! Colombia's main environmental problems are soil erosion, deforestation and the preservation of its wildlife Deforestation is one of the major concerns. Deforestation is when the forrest is removed for buildings.

Who was the first elected president of this country?

Garcia Marque is the first president. Gabriel García Márquez (1927 - 2014) was born in Colombia and was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist.