Who was Franklin Roosevelt.

all about Franklin Roosevelt.


Franklin Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. He did not go to school as a young boy. He was taught at home by tutors until he was thirteen. Franklin enjoyed collecting stamps and doing anything that involved the sea. He had toy boats, went sailing, and even iceboating on the Hudson River. His Popsy bought a yacht called the Half Moon. Franklin enjoyed sailing off the coast of Canada as a young boy. At the age of 16, he had his own sailboat, New Moon.

Franklin's agenda

Franklin's agenda was to talk with reporters and other people every morning but he liked to talk with them.

Franklin roosevelt.

The people all around Franklin Roosevelt did not want him to stop being president because they appreciate him letting them keep their jobs.

Franklin Roosevelt was famous for:

Franklin Roosevelt is famous for being the only president of the United States to be elected four times.

Franklin's marrige.

Franklin married Eleanor on march 17, 1905. after their honeymoon they returned to new York city. in 1906 they had a child named Anna. then their next child James was born a year later. then they had three more children Elliott, Franklin Jr., and John.

Before and After Franklins death.

Franklin Roosevelt delt with depression. In 1927 Franklin started the Georgia warm springs foundation. Franklin Roosevelt was crippled by polio. He died in 1945. After his death his portrait was put on the dime.