"Born Worker"

By Gary Soto


  • Jose character is a hard working, nice, kind person. Once he helped Mr. Clemens when Arnie ( his cousin) ran away when they were scrubbing the pool and Mr. Clemens fell in to the pool. he put Mr.Clemens on a chair and helped him by getting an ice pack and putting it on his head. After that, Arnie took all the credit by saying that he was the one who helped Mr.Clemens and scrubbed the pool, but after he helped Mr.Clemens he was glad that he was okay and didn't care about Arnie and his lies. Because he knew that he did something that was right on that day.

Jose's problem

The problem that jose had in the story was that Arnie ,his cousin didnt heklp him with any thing that Mr clemens told them to do. After that Mr Clemens got hurt and Arnie ran away becvuse he didnt want to get in trouble and let Jose deal with all the problem. Arnie also took all the credit and lied that he did everything.

Arnie and Jose worked together, Jose did all the work,and when Mr clemens fell and got hurt.

Best quote!!!!!! " Jose was more than just a good worker"

My Review!!!!

The story was good it teaches you not to take credit for something you don't deserve, because after you read the story you must feel for Jose. Anyways..... the story was very good! i'm very happy!!!!!!

Angelie xiong

i am a very good girl! Well....... not really that good but i have a heart you know so i feel for other people too!!!! i like to come to school and i like my teachers and my friends. Im always HAPPY!!!!!!!!!