FCI Week At A Glance

May 23-29, 2015


We have heard some pretty amazing student success stories as we near the end of the year! These stories have been inspiring to us, and we hope you would share them to inspire others! If you have a Twitter account, tweet out the success story to celebrate (without names) and use the hashtag #FCIinspire. You can then search Twitter to see all of the FCI successes listed. [If you don't have Twitter, and you have a story to share, email it to Kim to tweet.] This will be an exciting virtual bulletin board of successes if you will...how inspiring and motivating this could be to be motivated by your amazing colleagues and students!

iPad Turn-in

Students who have rented HSE iPads will be turning them in on Wednesday, May 27th Someone (likely Terri) will call to each classroom to ask for ONLY students who rented iPads to be sent to the Media Center at that time. They will have various aspects of their iPad checked/verified then will be sent back to class. Of course, we will work around related arts and lunch. If you have other times that your students will definitely not be able to leave class (e.g., test), please email Terri to let her know as she works on scheduling classes.

Since this is our first time for this, we aren't 100% how things will flow. Thank you for your flexibility and patience!

Evaluation finalization

The final phase for completing evaluations is to ensure that you have uploaded the following as artifacts into SFS:

  • Reflection of Domains 1 and 3
  • Achievement Status & Growth report (for those teaching reading and/or math)
  • Beginning & End-of -Year science assessment results(for those who created a science SLO/not teaching reading and/or math)

The sooner these documents are uploaded, the sooner Randy and Kim will be able complete evaluations with the exception of School Grade and ISTEP growth measures. Final date for upload should be no later than 5/27/15.

Lunch/Related Arts Schedule - 5/28

6th Grade Lunch/Recess Schedule

10:40-11:15 (65)

10:45-11:20 (61)

11:00-11:35 (62)

11:10-11:45 (63)

11:35-12:10 (64)

5th grade Lunch/Recess/Related Arts Schedule

**Related Arts in gym

12:00-12:35 (51) - 1:25-1:50

12:05-12:40 (55) - 1:50-2:15

12:10-12:45 (53) - 11:35-12:00 (THIS IS NOT REGULAR 2-hour DELAY)

12:20-12:55 (54) - 1:00-1:25

12:25-1:00 (52) - 2:15-2:40

12:35-1:10 (56) - 1:25-1:50

District transition to Office 365 from Google

Please be sure to read the email sent from Jeff Harrison today (5/22) with the subject line Email & HDrives - Please Read. This contains important information that you will want to make sure you are aware of.

As a side note, once we (Randy & Kim) were made aware that this change may be a possibility, we did cancel plans to offer PD related to Google Drive. Now that we are aware of the final decision, please rest assure that we will be providing multiple PD opportunities both here at FCI through the next school year as well as with the district.

We've included the nuts & bolts of the email here as far as the 'where do we go from here' kind of questions/comments....


Links, schedules and information will be posted on the staff portal which is located on our website at http://www.hse.k12.in.us/ADM/staff/.

What will happen over the summer?

  • All school machines will be upgraded to Office 2013.
  • All staff and students will be given Office 365 accounts in June.
  • All staff email will be migrated over to their Office 365 accounts within 6-8 weeks of account creation and will be completed prior to school starting.

How will this affect my email?

  • Email will be migrated over the summer in alphabetical groups.
  • The migration will consist of moving over all data in your current Outlook including email, calendars, contacts and more.
  • The anticipated schedule will be listed on the staff portal along with documentation and tutorials.
  • Your email address will not change.

How will I access email?

  • On School PC’s – You can continue to use Outlook as normal.
  • At home – Instead of webmail, you will use Office 365 webmail which will be linked on the staff portal listed above.
  • On mobile devices – When your email account is migrated over, you will need to update your devices. Instructions will be listed on the staff portal listed above.

How will this affect my H: drive?

  • You will migrate your H: drives to OneDrive throughout the 2015-2016 school year.
  • We will provide assistance moving your H: drive contents onto OneDrive during this time.
  • You will have access to your H: drive until June 2016 to allow one year’s time to transition.
  • You will now have 1 TB of storage which is 500 times larger than your current limit.
  • You will be able to save directly to your OneDrive through Office 2013.

What happens to my Google accounts?

  • Staff accounts will be disabled June 2016 to allow one year’s time to transfer content.

What about student accounts?

  • Student Google accounts will be disabled this summer.
  • They will be given new Office 365 accounts.
  • Students will have the same email address they are currently using (@hsestudents.org)
  • Each student will have 1 TB of storage which is 10,000 times larger than their current H: drives.
  • Student H: drives will be available until June 2016 to allow one year’s time to transfer content.

Look for information to be sent out next week regarding FCI End-of-the-Year Checkout.

******* Food for Thought.... *******

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*** From Previous WAG (current) ***

Classroom monitoring

This is a reminder that classrooms should have teacher coverage at all times. Should an 'emergency' situation arise, contact a colleague near you to assist or contact someone in the office to intervene. On the rare occasion that you need an additional copy made, please call the office and, if available, send a student with what needs copied so someone may assist. Otherwise, please be sure to utilize prep period as well as time before and after school to have items prepared for class. This is a situation that is not only about behavior but more importantly safety.

**The real bottom line is to be vigilant when monitoring students throughout the day whether in your classroom, recess, or hallways.

What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Monday, May 25th, 2015

No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 Rot. F

7:30-9:00am - Randy and Kim meeting with superintendent
8:30-9:00am - DARE Graduation
11:30-12:00pm - Young Hoosier Book Award pizza lunch (see email from Ms. Zabonick)
2:00-2:40pm - Last day of orchestra/instrument turn-in

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 Rot. C

No Band/Orchestra
All SFS submissions due (see message above)
iPad Turn-in - Media Center (see message above; someone will call down classes)
7:00-8:00pm - Band/Orchestra parent meeting (gym)

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 Rot. I

Staff Meeting - 7:30am (Media Center)
No Band/Orchestra
See revised lunch/related arts schedule above
8:30-9:30am - Talent Show (6th on gym floor, 5th in bleachers)
12:30-2:30pm - 6th grade End of Year Party
1:30-2:30pm - 5th grade End of Year Party/Yearkbook signing
TIER 2_3 DOCUMENTATION FORMS must be turned into Jessica

Friday, May 29th, 2015

No Related Arts

No Band/Orchestra
8:30-10:00am - Awards
3:00pm - Houlihan's

Monday, June 1st, 2015
Teacher Day - All certified staff is expected to meet at HSE-Leonard Auditorium @ 8:00am for closing ceremonies; doors open at 7:15am

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