Sports Psychologist

JD Stehwien

What is it?

The job of a sports psychologist is to help athletes overcome problems and set goals. By conquering the mental aspect of sports, the athlete will be able to perform better and lead a happy life.


Sports psychologists need to be certified by the American Psychological Association. They also need at least a master's degree. They also need postdoctoral training.


They meet with athletes to get to the root of their problems. They will also work with a team of other professionals in order to get more perspectives on the problem's of their clients.


Sports psychologists need at least a master's degree, but a doctorate is preferred. This degree must be in a psychological field. Internships with sports teams are recommended.


The average salaries range from $41,850 to $71,880, with the median being $55,000. Some psychologists earn hundreds of thousands of dollars as personal consultants to professional athletes.


They are able to motivate and help athletes overcome their issues. This requires listening skills and ability to understand personal problems.


They work in a clinical setting. Their office is designed to make an athlete feel comfortable and able to express themselves freely.

Fun Facts

1. Some youth organizations require coaches to meet with sports psychologists in order to give them an idea of how to help the kids.

2. They often need help organizing and implementing their motivational programs.

3. Sports psychologists need to understand the pressures of sports, ranging from internal to from family and friends.

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