Ernest Miller Hemingway

By: Annie Barham

20 Interesting Facts About Hemingway

  1. Ernest Hemingway committed suicide when he was 61
  2. He had 4 wives
  3. Married his last and final wife in 1946
  4. Was involved in World War l and World War ll
  5. Had both his legs amputated
  6. His house is now a museum
  7. Hemingway has won a Nobel Prize
  8. Survived 2 plane crashes
  9. Hemingway's brother, sister and father all committed suicide
  10. His mother wanted a boy and dressed Hemingway as a girl
  11. The Hemingway family supposedly has a "suicidal curse"
  12. Ernest suffered from depression
  13. Francis Fitzgerald became Hemingway's friend which helped him with his writing career
  14. His first book ever published was Three Stories and 10 poems
  15. In 1926 Hemingway's first novel The Sun Also Rises was published
  16. Hemingway loved poly dactyl's which are cats with 6 toes
  17. He loved hunting and fishing
  18. Ernest hunted sharks, loins, elephants & many more
  19. He used a machine gun to kill the sharks and many fish he caught
  20. First person to ever boat a giant tuna in an undamaged state
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