EOG Tips

The following information will help you while taking a test.

Keep Calm

Use methods like stretching, pacing yourself, and taking deep breaths throughout the test so your brain goes not have a meltdown. First thing you should do is read the directions carefully and do the ones you know first. Later go back and do the ones you skipped. Pace yourself means to not rush through it just to get done or that you have 20 minutes left so let's rush through this and maybe miss stuff. The way to stay on track would be to have an idea in mind as to how long you have and when you take breaks. The last thing you should do is if you are stressing about a problem, stop what you are doing, and stretch in your set. Let your brain restart for a minute.

5 Rules You Should Follow

Rule 1- Make sure to get plenty of sleep the nights before

Rule 2 - Before going to school get breakfast so that your brain is not asleep throughout the test

Rule 3 - Pace yourself during the test, make sure that you are not rushing and you are not taking 10 minutes for one problem.

Rule 4 - Don't cram the night before pace yourself throughout the time before the EOGS

Rule 5 - Remember this DETER,