By: michael clemons


Made it so they could move around and still produce food.

in simple form it made living easier.


Ziggurats were temples

From the top of the Ziggurat, you could see the protective wall built about the entire town, and over the wall to the farmlands beyond.

Formal religious ceremonies were held at the very top.


Over thousands of years, Mesopotamian scribes recorded daily events, trade, astronomy, and literature on clay tablets. Cuneiform was used by people throughout the ancient Near East to write several different languages.


They would give a liver from a animal to a god and thy would apparently be healed somehow


The Assyrian kings were famous hunters of lions, elephants, ostriches, wild bulls and other beasts

Both boxing and wrestling were depicted in art.

Both action and non-action toys have been found. Some, like today´s toy guns, were miniaturized weapons of the time


Michael Clemons