Life of Pete Early

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  • Began with a 14 year career in journalism
  • Among these 14 years were included 6 years at The Washington Post
  • Then became a full time author in 1986
  • Began writing "to entertain and surprise" audiences

The Event

  • Son's mental breakdown
  • Son broke into someone's house
  • After seeing the way the authorities dealt with the situation, he felt the troubled mental health systems weren't as strong as they should be
  • Joined the National Alliance of Mental Illness
  • Publicly promoted and called for a strong mental health reform
  • His new principle has taken him to 46 different states and a number of countries across the globe, where he speaks to rally against the troubled mental health systems and for the mentally ill.


Since becoming an official full time author, Pete has written 10 non-fiction books and 3 novels
  • Family of Spies (1988)
  • Prophet of Death (1991)
  • The Hot House (1992)
  • Circumstantial Evidence (1995)
  • Confessions of a Spy (1997)
  • Super Casino (2000)
  • WITSEC (2002)
  • The Big Secret (2004)
  • Lethal Secrets (2005)
  • Crazy (2006)
  • The Apocalypse Stone (2006)
  • Comrade J (2008)
  • The Serial Killer Whisperer (2012)


  • 2007 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for General Nonfiction
  • New York Times Bestseller for The Hot House
  • Robert F. Kennedy Award for Social Justice
  • Edgar Award Winner for Best Fact Crime Book

Connection to The Book

The book was based on his adult son's mental breakdown. In the book, Pete Earley also explains how American jails and prisons have recently become more like mental asylums.


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