Video Game Design

by: Josue Teran


A Video game designer has many tasks besides sitting down and putting codes in a computer. A Video game designer focuses on animation, graphic design, story and characters. They also take there time putting his/hers valuable time working on a game that could become successful. The type of education and training it takes to become a video game designer is animation, coding, graphic design, and web design. The game designer would need to know graphic design to promote his/her game through an image that represents the game. The type of skills needed to become a video game designer would need to have creativity, communication skills, computer skills, and time management. This career is known as one of the best jobs in the U.S and this job is dramatically increasing in the world. The salary that a video game designer could gain in between $70,000-$90,000 annually or more depending how successful your game is. The work environment can be anywhere from an apartment building to a huge headquarter building. The only required requirement is a computer and computer skills,and you can use a microphone or a green screen to make the game more interesting.

Career connections

Being a video game designer is a challenging job but it can be very rewarding. Its always great to take any type of criticism on your game so you can improve it. For example this is a quote from a designer who took his criticism to improve his own game

"I had made a family friendly game about a beaver before this but it was criticized online; people said the main character looked like a scary animatronic. I went into a pretty deep depression and was ready to give up game-making. Then something in me snapped and I thought to myself that I bet I could make something a lot scarier than that!"-Scott Cawthon. Even when Scott was depressed he still took that hard criticism to make one of the most successful games today Five Nights At Freddy's.

It takes a lot of work to make a successful game but it should be recommended to have an extra job. Some of the most famous video game started working at a local grocery store and made video games as a hobby. "I would recommend a career in game design to anyone BUT I would advise getting a degree and getting a job at an actual game company. Having a solid job and gaining work experience is much more stable than trying to make it as an independent developer."- Scott Cawthon. This shows that if you plan to become a video game designer you should get a job to expand your business.

High School Preparation

High school is a great time to prepare yourself for Video Game design. One way to prepare yourself is to get the taste of coding by taking coding and repairing class,Video game design, graphic design and TSI. There are also some after school clubs to learn coding like computer club and app development. These after school programs can help you learn how to program apps to make video games on the go for Mobil devices.
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A reference is someone that is trust worthy like a teacher or a boss that can give you information on how you are as a person and worker. One reference is your councilor because she/he knows you well enough, even if she/he doesn't talk to you often your councilor knows what your capable of judging by your grades and electives judging on how you do in those classes. Another one is a teacher because a teacher can understand the student seeing how they perform in class and see if the student can stay on task in class. Finally the last reference is your access adviser. Your access adviser is a great reference because your adviser try's to help you find your career and find what your capable with since day one of high school. Access advisers try to help the student find collages that there interested in and show them how life is alone.

Post-secondary plans

There are tons of collages that teach video game design some collages are Art institute, ITT tech and Columbia college. I chose these three because they provide the most information for video game designers and some of the most famous video game designer recommend these schools. If you want to reach your goal to become a video game designer you'll need some training to reach your goal before high school. One thing you could do is learn the basics of coding to make video game development easier for the creator to understand. Another thing a video game designer would need to know is graphic design. The reason a video game designer needs to know this is so the designer can promote his game to the public to gain popularity. The last thing a video game designer would need to know is entrepreneur- ship. This is the most important thing for a video game designer to know because most video game designers work alone or in pairs and its important to know how to promote a product, how to sell it, Where to start and how to expand as a company. Its best to internship at video game company's like Valve, Nintendo and Microsoft so you know what to expect if you plan to make a business.
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The TRUTH about Becoming a Video Game Designer