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February 28th- March 4th

Village News

Supervision Before School:

Please remember that our gates do not open until 8:00 am. We ask that you do not send your child to school earlier since there is no supervision and we have had multiple reports of concerns for student safety.

Superintendent's Newsletters:

Please click here to review the February 25, 2022, CUSD Newsletter.

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

Little Jumps, Big Changes:

See details below

Book Fair this week! See information below for After School Hours and Grade Levels

March 2nd- PTO Meeting per Zoom @ 7:00 PM (Zoom link to come)

March 3rd- CUSD Long Range Plan Community Forum

Upcoming Dates:

March 28th-April 3rd Spring Break/No School. *** IT IS ONLY ONE WEEK***

April 13th-15th Parent Conferences as Needed/Early Release 1:40

April 18th District Holiday/No School

May 30th Memorial Day Holiday/No School

June 16th 5th Grade Promotion/Last Day of School/Early Release

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Scholastic Book Fair News

Our Scholastic Book Fair begins TODAY!!

We know we have a lot of parents that want to help, volunteer, and donate to our school. We are excited to announce we now have a virtual Teacher Wish list for your classrooms and library! If you aren't familiar with how a Wish List works, in the past at the Scholastic Book Fair we have had teachers and our library pick books they want to add to their classroom library and library for our students to enjoy. As parents came through the book fair, they would pick a book...or two...and purchase them from the Teacher Wish List and donate them back to the classroom. If you are not able to visit the book fair in person, we have taken this list virtual. If you would be so kind, you can now click on the link of the teacher and/or library and donate. Teachers and the library can take this to the Book Fair and purchase books to add immediately to their classroom and/or library. The students get so excited!

We really appreciate all your support as donations to classroom libraries and the school library are for all our students. 😊

While on the site to donate, you can also set up your student for an account, it's a quick, safe, cashless way for your student to shop the fair. Here's a video on how it works:


And here's a list of our teachers and library, just click on the link and donate today. Thank you for all your support!


Keli Craig - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379126

Whitney Collier - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379096

Jennifer Zavislak - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379107

Allyson Silva - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379115

Tami Bromley - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379120

Lindsay Kennedy - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379124

1st Grade

Ashley Thornton - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379132

Rachel Bevilacqua - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379139

Devon Roberts - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379146

Chris Teachout - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379153

Alice Wilson - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382688

2nd Grade

Lindsay Cummins - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382629

Cecelia Marston - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382636

Joshua Barbera - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382644

Libby Patrick - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383074

Jennifer Vernallis - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382662

Heather Carstens - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382669

3rd Grade

Holly Sibert - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382672

Rise’ Cooley - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382678

Alexis Wright - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382688

Dani Bartels - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382692

Tanya Barbera - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382702

Sarah Hunsaker - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382708

4th Grade

Ashlee Phair - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382716

Kerri Ramirez - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382720

Jennifer Rogale - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382727

Kathleen Spane - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382731

5th Grade

Kathy Shady - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382740

Toni Neubert - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4379096

Annette Tickner - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382761

Crystal Garner - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382775

Matthew Andrijasevich - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382783


Toni Trinidad/Innovation Lab - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382847

Cyndi Fuhrmann/VAPA - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382937

Art Sawi/PE - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382949

Amy Statezny/Library - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382957

Education Specialists Teachers

Michael Connor - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382980

Danielle Zirelli - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382985

Nicole Cretzmeyer - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383033

Jenna Laughlin - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383049

Jillian Arnold - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383043


Dr. Heidi Bergener/Principal - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4401295

Tanya White/Assistant Principal - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4401296


Jennifer Slusher - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4401294

Michelle Kasney - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4401284

Kim Badt/Military Family Life Counselor - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383074

Michele Alexander/Military Family Life Counselor - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383067


Sherry Vargas - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382997


Jen Cahill - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383015

Paayal Surani - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383024

English Language Development Teacher

Eveleen Coker - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4383090

Reading Specialist Teacher

Kelly Fortson - https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=4382969

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PTO Weekly Update 2/28/2022

Huge shoutout and thank you to Jeremiah Rivera (@goldenstatedogs49 on IG) and his family for their donation from our Encanto Movie Night! It's because of parents like you that we can have these fun events!


PTO Meeting Wednesday, March, 2 at 7 pm via Zoom. The link will be shared the day of the event on our Facebook Page, Konstella, and via text message.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,

Doreen Genmark, PTO President

Yearbook Sales


Yearbooks will go on presale March 1st via the Jostens website. Cost will be $25. We are looking for picture submissions of the first day of school and Band and Choir. The last day to submit is February 28th, 2022. Please email to contact@villagepto.org

You can also order the last two years yearbooks for $10/ each. For old yearbooks please email us and we will send one home with your child.

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Press Release: CUSD Announces Expansion Of Transitional Kindergarten Classes Next School Year

CUSD Announces Expansion Of Transitional Kindergarten Classes Next School Year

Coronado Unified School District is excited to announce the expansion of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) beginning in the 2022-23 school year. TK is the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience. Four-year-olds who turn five between September 2 and February 2 are eligible to enroll in TK this coming school year.

Half-day (3 hour) TK classes, with a 12:1 student teacher ratio, will be offered at both Village and Silver Strand Elementary Schools. Currently the classes are scheduled for the morning but depending on enrollment could also be offered in the afternoon.

Based on research indicating that an early and strong foundation for learning matters in long term student success, California recently passed legislation expanding funding for early childhood education. TK is still optional but provides an additional option for parents and serves as a stepping stone between preschool and kindergarten.

Parents and guardians interested in learning more about the program should complete a pre-registration survey, by March 4, 2022 to receive additional information/updates about student enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year. Link to Survey: https://bit.ly/3gKHEAU

For Village Students Grades 3, 4 and 5- Please see CAASPP Testing information below

Village CAASPP Testing dates will be sent out in mid-March. Usually Village tests students in grades 3rd-5th during the month of May. More information to come!
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Book fair volunteers still needed! Requirements: Volunteer application, proof of negative TB Test, proof of Covid vaccine.

Book fair sign up here: https://volunteer.scholastic.com/...

Volunteer Documents can be found here: https://coronadousd.net/Parents.../Volunteers/index.html

Care Solace

Care Solace: Our district has partnered with Care Solace to help students and their families quickly connect to verified mental health and substance use treatment providers in our community. Our counselors can help connect you directly to their support, you can call them at 888-515-0595, or search anonymously at www.caresolace.com/coronadousd.

Their Care Companion team is available 24/7/365 and can support you in any language. Your Care Companion will make phone calls on your behalf to find and book appointments with providers who are matched to your needs. Care Solace has access to thousands of providers or programs that work with all insurances, Medicaid, or offer sliding scale or private payment options. For more information or questions please reach out to your student’s counselor.

WeTip Reporting System

WeTip Reporting System

The school district has launched a new concerned person online reporting system called We Tip. Students may use this to report any bullying, harassment, abuse, or safety concerns and it is 100% anonymous and confidential. The system offers three ways to report (text, phone, and QR code). This reporting tool is available 24/7, even when our school is closed. To make a report go to the ‘See Something, Say Something – We Tip’ button on our website, counseling PowerSchool page or find the poster around campus. See the flyer below for additional information.

Click below or use the QR Code

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Bikes and E-Bikes:

Bikes and E-Bikes: Please remind your student to follow all traffic laws while riding their bikes to school. Many students with E-bikes are running stop signs, going extremely fast, and on many occasions have almost hit a pedestrian or caused an accident. Our top priority is to keep our students and community safe at all times.
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Interested in Volunteering at Village Elementary?

The volunteer assistance you provide in our schools is valuable. We recognize your experience will enrich the educational program, increase supervision of students and contribute to school safety while strengthening our schools’ relationships with the community.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for the CUSD, please contact Tanya Villegas in the Human Resources Department of the district office. We may be contacted by e-mail or by phone.

To become a volunteer the following procedures and documents must be completed. You can access these documents simply by clicking the links below.

  • School Volunteer Application
  • Verification of a negative Tuberculosis Test (TB) within the past four years
  • Must show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Status

We thank you for your service to our students and school community.

Volunteer FAQs

To volunteer in the public schools, TB test and DOJ/FBI fingerprint documents must be submitted to human resources.

Frequently Asked Questions - Regarding Fingerprints
The attached document contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

COVID Protocols- Please Read Carefully


Absences NOT Related to Illness should be reported via pre-COVID protocols (phone/email/paper absence notes). Contact Attendance Technician, Melinda Clay @ melinda.clay@coronadousd.net

Absences - STUDENT ILLNESS: Student Absence Reporting Form:

  • USE THIS Village Absence Reporting Form. A member of our COVID Response Team will review the information you submit and contact you for additional information, if necessary. Students who are sick must be cleared before returning to campus. All students who have been absent from school must report to the office before going to class. If their absence has not been cleared, parents will be notified. Thank you for your support in adhering to this policy.

Student Returning to School After CCD: All students must check in at the front office with Mrs. Clay in attendance to receive their health pass if they did not print thiers out when sent to them.


Students Presenting Symptoms of COVID19 (Symptomatic)

Students with Covid-related symptoms must provide documentation of a negative molecular test (PCR, NAAT or LAMP) to return to school. Test results should be emailed to COVIDteam@coronadousd.net. Once the test is accepted, students will receive a “pass” to return to school.

Vaccination Status: The current decision tree allows close contacts who are asymptomatic and vaccinated to remain in school. Please complete this optional form to verify your student’s vaccination status. https://bit.ly/3jBGytn

MASK Protocols: Please take the opportunity to review the district’s mask enforcement protocols and mask guidelines from the CDC with your student. Information can be found by following this link: https://bit.ly/2W2d0MA

Concurrent Curriculum Delivery (CCD) CUSD in collaboration with our teachers, have agreed to provide Concurrent Curriculum Delivery via Zoom to students if they are directed to quarantine or isolate. This program is only available to students directed not to attend in person by the COVID Command Center.

Sample CCD Format for the Elementary Aged Student:


ELA: 1 Hour of Whole Group Instruction with Benchmark and Writing Instruction

Math: Whole Group instruction for 1 Hour and 15 minutes of Number Corner

Sanford Harmony: 15-20 minutes


Specials on Googel Classroom


Silent Reading

Independent Practice/Homework

Social Studies and Science

COVID Team Center: The center is open daily from 8-3. Parents/staff can leave messages and a team member will follow up. Phone: 619-437-1305 Ext:1040

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CUSD App is HERE!!

For directions on how to download the CUSD app, please use the following links:

Google: https://bit.ly/3EDdhHt

Apple: https://apple.co/3hLW2Kb

Superhero Tickets

Superhero tickets and prizes are BACK!!!

Students earn superhero tickets throughout the week for being safe, respectful, responsible and kind. They can earn them from any adult on campus who sees them exhibiting superhero behaviors.

Each Monday and Friday, after school, students will be able to bring their tickets in to trade for prizes. If they would like to save up their tickets, they can!

15 tickets=1 prize!

If your student has enough tickets to trade in for a prize, they will be escorted to the office before school lets out to pick a prize!

See below for other options.

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Meet our MFLCs

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