Philippines project

About us

Grant-pilot tells if it is safe. Eliot-loadmaster chooses what goes on the plane. Jackson- navigator chooses the flight route. Grant is like fun. Eliot in joker. Jackson is a game lover.

Are mission goal is to help the Philippines in there rough times. To help Philippines.


Pallet1 had 2ph 2ms, Pallet 2 had 3pl 1dw 1cb, Pallet3 had 1dw 1rc 3cb 2f, Pallet 4 had 1ph 1dw 1f 1mc 2mc, Pallet5 had 2dw 1f 1ms. .It took 35 hours to get there. We did accomplish our goal because we brought medical supplies and water.


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1. our jobs

2. loading

3. history of them

4. dieseses there

5.flight route

things that did not work were loading the plane and finding a plight route.

stratigies that did not work was fitting all the stuff on one pallet, stratagies that did work were spreading it out.

it is not easy to help a country from a disaster.

I learned that loading a plane for helping a country is a lot of work. it has showed me how to do a certain type of job. it has showed me that the philippines went through a hard time .