Robotics 2.0

TPSF Summer Academy Week 4: LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Final Week of Robotics 2.0

Our final week of robotics 2.0 has been filled with troubleshooting designs and beginning to write autonomous code to program the robots for the first 15 seconds of the match. We have had great success this summer and students exceeded our expectations.
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First TUSD Robotics Scrimmage

Below are some videos of the very first scrimmage of the season for the new game Turning Point. All of the robotics classes were invited to watch and cheer on the teams. There were lots of lessons learned and plans made for modifications. The teams have great hopes to dial in their autonomous and fix and design issues for the showcase on Thursday, July 12.

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Thank you!

Thank you Tustin Public Schools Foundation for providing this opportunity once again to get the 2018-2019 TUSD Robotics Season underway. It is very much appreciated by all the students, coaches, and volunteers who help set up for all of our tournaments! We could not do it without you!