Peter the Great

Tall Emperor of Russia

Expanding Russia's Borders- Accomplishments

  • After experiencing a humiliating defeat from the Baltic Region (his force was 5 times the size), he remodeled his army after European armies to make it stronger.
  • In 1709, his forces defeated the Swedes and he gained territory along the Baltic Sea.
  • With his new land, Peter built a new capital city called St. Petersburg.

His Power- Reign

  • Peter was 10 years old when he took over the throne.
  • He wasn't that educated but he was curious about the world.
  • He developed westernization which adapted the western ideas and cultures.
  • Later on he took control of the Church and the Nobles.
  • He modernized with force and used autocratic methods.
  • the Russian alphabet was simplified, he improved waterways and he encouraged exports.
  • Peter showed no mercy for the people who resisted the new order in any way.
  • He was so powerful, when elite palace guards revolted, he had them tortured and executed.

His Life- Personality

  • Peter had married twice and wound up having 11 children, which most of them died which wasn't uncommon.
  • Overall he was an effective leader although the high taxes he demanded led to revolts from the townspeople.
  • Besides this Peter was 6 1/2 feet tall, which was impressive for this time but he was a big drinker.
  • On February 8th, 1725, Peter the Great died without suggesting any heir to rule.
  • He is entombed in The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg.