Every Animal Has A Story to Tell

Animal Research PBL

How can we as 5th grade biologists, advocate for an animal and inspire others to develop an awareness and appreciation for the animal we study?


1. Decide on an animal.

2. Decide if you want to work in a group of two or independently.

3. Begin the research process. Get an animal research packet from your teacher and remember to use only www.kidrex.org for research. All students will turn in their completed animal research packet on April 22nd along with your final product(s).

4. Decide what your product will be. Possible products include:

  • A PSA (public service announcement advocating for your animal)
  • An experiment design using the scientific method
  • Collect data by observing your animal and communicate your data by creating a poster and using graphs (you may use the app Observe to Learn and live feeds of animals posted on Ms. Carrera's blog)
  • Identify a need for your animal and create a solution using the engineering design process. Ask your teacher for an engineering design packet.
  • Create a detailed illustration of your animal in its habitat and label all aspects of its habitat (components of the food web, environmental necessities, etc.)
  • Create a movie or slide show educating the public about your animal.
  • Make a comic book about a day in the life of your animal.
  • Write a narrative from the point of view of your animal.
  • Do a population study and study the impact of your animal in its habitat.

We will work on our Animal Research PBL in our homeroom class.

  • Students will work on our Animal Research PBL everyday from 2:00-2:45, including clean up.
  • Students will determine if any extra supplies are needed for their project and bring those items from home if needed.
  • We will work for two weeks on this project and all products are due on April 22nd.