Room 406

Mrs. Hall's 3rd Grade 2016-2017

Another FAST week here in Room 406! This week we continued to get into the groove of things. This group of learners LOVES to work in partnerships and small groups. :) We are still working on listening while others are talking. There have been quite a few reminders about interrupting while someone else is talking. (Or even just ignoring the speaker and talking to a neighbor) If you could remind your student about how important it is to listen to others' ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!

Don't forget to check out the Shutterfly site! It's so cool to see your kids in action! (link above)

Leader in Me

This week we met 2 new students....Sprite and Water. :) Sprite was a very reactive student, he got so upset all day long! He was mad about his math partner, he didn't like the lunch choices, he didn't get called on to share his weekend, his table partner was bugging him etc. By the end of the day he was ready to EXPLODE!

Our other student, Water, had the same problems all day. He also didn't like his math partner, and he didn't like the lunch choices either! However, he wasn't ready to explode by the end of the day. WHY???? Well, Water knew the difference between things he could control and things that he couldn't control.

When things are completely out of our control they shouldn't be given the power to ruin our day. Being proactive means we can recognize the difference between things in our control and things out of our control. We get to choose our own weather! :)


We worked really hard this week! This week we learned that good readers picture the story in their mind, stop and reread to clear up confusion, and also good readers stop at unfamiliar words. After I model these reading strategies the students go back to their seats to read their Just Right books. At their seats they are asked to stop-and-jot when they were able to apply this new reading strategy. Next week we will work on making predictions and inferences when reading.


Our writer's notebooks are filling up with amazing personal narratives! This week we wrote about a special object, a time we felt proud of ourselves, and a time when we were left feeling disappointed.


This week we played a really fun addition game called "Making the Sum". We spread out a deck number cards 0-10. Following the same rules for the game Memory, we flipped cards over until we made the target sum. (Our first game we used 15 as our sum, our second game we used 20.) Once you make the sum, you keep the match! This would be a fun game to play at home too! You can use a regular deck of cards! Discard the face cards and use the Ace as the 1. :)

Next week we will work on subtraction facts 0-20. We learned 3 new subtraction rules today. 1) Take away 0 2) Take away all 3) Take away 10. Please ask your student about these rules! While they may seem easy enough to us, building confidence in subtraction is HUGE! Most students don't feel as strong in subtraction as they do in addition.

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 7: FUN RUN! 3rd graders run from 8:50-9:10

Oct. 7: Early Release for students, dismissal 11:46.