New Mark Library Media Center

Fall Semester Newsletter

Veteran Donates Book

Major Reuben Stirling collected stories of war veterans and published the book Reflections: True Vietnam combat stories as shared by the elite LRRPS, LRPS, and Rangers of the 4th Infantry Division. He generously donated a copy of the book to the New Mark Library Media Center.

2013-2014 Truman and Gateway Award Nominees Announced!

Get a head start reading next year's Truman and Gateway award nominees. Anyone willing to write quiz questions on the Truman books, please contact Patricia Womble.

New Professional Books in the Library

Come check out some new professional books and pick up some FREE books that we are eliminating from the collection.


Carissa Occhipinto has already read all TWELVE of the Truman Award Nominees.

New Shelving

We are working towards changing the shelving to mobile shelving. This will increase the versatility of our space in the library media center. We were able to purchase three shelves this year. Book fair sales and box top contributions all help with this goal.