Newsletter Week 3 Term 1

Sawyers Bay School 16th February 2023

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

This week you may have noticed a few extra adults in the school. We have been playing host to 28 students from the University of Otago College of Education's Masters programme. These students are having their first experiences of the classroom and we have been lucky to host such a great bunch.

Thank you to everyone for returning your PCT discussion forms. We will be sorting these into timeslots tomorrow morning and will send your time home with your child on Friday afternoon.

There will also be a letter coming home today explaining an upcoming Teachers Only Day on Monday 24th April. School will be closed for instruction that day and all of the details are included in the letter home.

Mā te wā,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Otago Anniversary Day - Monday 20th March
  • Swimming - Tuesday 21st - Friday 31st March
  • Board Meeting 2 - 6.00pm Tuesday 21st March
  • Last day of Term 1 - Thursday 6th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Monday 24th April
  • ANZAC Day - Tuesday 25th April
  • First day back for students for Term 2 - Wednesday 26th April
Essential Pupil Information/Update 2023 (including Local Walks and Newsletter Website Publication permission)

Thank you for sending these forms back. If you are yet to return your copy, please return this information with any amendments to last year's details asap. If there are no changes, please simply sign and return.

Please contact the school office if you require another copy of this form.

Te Akonga o te Wiki!

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Term 1 Week 2

Congratulations to Liam P, Emily Me, Lily, Bella, Henry and Rupert who were chosen as their room's Person of the Week. The trophy for Term 1, Week 2 went home with Emily Mears.


Kia ora koutou!

If you’ve got a child in Papatūānuku, you may have heard the phrase “Fun Friday”. We thought we would let you know what our most recent Fun Friday in Papatūānuku looked like! See accompanying photos!

It started off with “Fun Fact Friday” where we shared some fun facts about snakes. We then started our Literacy Rotations and as part of that you will have seen a poem come home to be shared, that had lots of words starting with the sound “sss”. At another table, was a drawing tutorial of a snake. One table is always focused on developing our fine motor skills, where children were encouraged to use their cutting, pasting and patterning skills to create their own patterns on Sally the Snake (our phonics prompt character that you may have already heard about!). For Maths, we all helped to make playdough, which we then enjoyed creating into snakes, learning lots of measurement skills related to cooking, and then lots of discussion around the length of each snake created! Most Fridays, our activities will be centered around one of our phonics sounds, and provide a range of activities that integrate a variety of curriculum areas. During each Fun Friday we also enjoy a fitness activity which is a Jump Jam session with the whole school. Assembly is always a highlight as we join together to celebrate the work and achievement of tamariki throughout the school. Last but not least, you’ve no doubt heard about Big Fort Friday - where our junior children are allowed to play on the BIG play equipment in the playground and enjoy challenging themselves alongside their peers on these fun parts of our playground. Other highlights from this week have included a Futsal session with Coach Alex, experiences using balance scales for Maths and learning to draw and paint self portraits of ourselves. You’ll see these on the wall next time you come into our classroom!

Rīpoata na Mrs Campbell


Konnichiwa, Kia ora, Mālō e lelei, Hello

What a great week it had been for learning in Hine-Rau-Wharangi. This week in Math the children have been learning to count forwards and backwards to 100 and have been skip counting in 2s. We have also been working on ordering and comparing objects in measurement. Last Friday we had a game of Bingo to enhance our learning of number identification up to 100. In writing we have been practicing adding punctuation to our beginning paragraphs and the end of our paragraphs alongside focusing on the shape, size and space of our letters. On Tuesday we were extremely lucky to have Kris and Alex from Football South come to school and practice some futsal skills. We played a game called shark tank, where there were two people on the outside of the square and the rest of the class was in the square. The object was not to let the shark touch your ball when they came into the square. This made us work really hard on our ball dribbling skills.

Rīpoata na Mrs Brewer


Kia ora!

We have had another fabulous week in Tāwhirimātea this week. We have been busy working on our self portraits and poems to introduce ourselves, both of which we hope to share with you at Friday’s assembly. We are making prints from our self portraits on Friday morning so fingers crossed they are dry enough to share by the afternoon! We have been learning about taking measurements in Maths and are now using our data to learn about graphs. Next week we will pose our own questions to collect data and display in our graphs as well. Below is a recount written by the class about a futsal training session we had on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we had a futsal practice with Kris. We had fun learning to dribble balls around the field. We learnt to use the inside of our feet to control the ball better. We also learnt to guard our ball while dribbling so other people couldn’t kick our ball out. It rained on us but we kept on playing.

Rīpoata na Mrs Swete



Kia Ora Whanau

We have had lots of fun this week with student teachers visiting our class, and futsal coaching. We are steaming ahead with our statistical investigations and have created our own questions, gathered our information and created different graphs to show our findings. As a class we have created a timeline showing the distances we all travel to school from our homes and how long it takes to get here. We have lots of displays of our current work on our walls for everyone to see. We have developed our classroom treaty and have collaboratively decided on our class statements. Well done team!

Ranginui are fantastic artists and are busy creating self portraits using OHP overlays. The children will explore different painting techniques and textures to complete their works of art.

It has been a pleasure listening and seeing ‘Me in a Bag’ items. The children choose 4-6 personal items to share more about themselves. What confident speakers they are!

I am looking forward to meeting you all next week.

Rīpoata na Miss Ruzsa


This week Hinemoana have completed their pepehas. A pepeha is a way to introduce yourself in Māori and the children are all working hard to say their pepeha clearly and correctly. To go alongside this we are exploring our Taku Whakapapa (Our Family Story) and presenting this visually drawing inspiration from New Zealand artist Raewyn Harris. This Friday keep an eye out for a note coming home where you can help us with this activity.

We were also fortunate to have a futsal session with Football South this week where the children learned important skills for futsal and then put these into practice for a game. We learnt how to dribble and control the ball while also being aware of our surroundings (looking and listening) and how to aim for the space in the game to keep the ball moving.

In Maths, we are exploring Statistics and learning to follow the Statistical Investigation Cycle. In buddies we have posed different questions and collected data. We have put our data into tally charts and talked about what we have noticed from the information we have collected (making conclusions) Our next step is to display this information in a bar graph.

In Writing, the children have been learning all about nouns and adjectives. We played ‘idea ping pong’ to come up with lots of different and exciting adjectives. This is where we have turns, bouncing ideas off each other until we run out! From there we used the thesaurus to help us find synonyms for different adjectives and learn new and exciting words.

Lastly, if you missed Assembly last week and Hinemoana sharing their AMAZING self-portraits, feel free to pop into our class where they are proudly on display.

Rīpoata na Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

A lot of interesting learning has continued to happen this week in Tāne Mahuta! We have engaged with the Statistical Inquiry Cycle, nearly completed our Class Korowai AND completed our All About Me Profiles. The children have shared many highlights, and have shared that they have particularly enjoyed our Statistics learning. For this Statistics learning we posed a class “Problem”, aligning with the first step of the Statistical Inquiry Cycle, this problem was “What Pet do Tāne Mahuta children think is the Coolest?” a very important problem to solve! We collected data as a class and compared the 9 year olds data against the 10 year olds. Guess what came out on top? The dogs! Tāne Mahuta children believe that dogs are the coolest pets! This must mean that there are a lot of awesome dogs out there in the Tāne Mahuta children’s homes. We are moving on to plan and conduct our own statistical investigations now and have constructed our “problems” and decided on how we are going to collect data to solve them. We have everything from “What is the most popular cake flavour in Tāne Mahuta?” to “What is your favourite basketball team?” It will be very interesting to answer some more of our statistical inquiry questions and display this data.

Rīpoata na Miss Tenci

Community Notices

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Port Chalmers Swim Club Inc. Dash n’ Splash

Tuesday 28th Feb 2023, Cancellation date 1st March

Registrations 5pm at Port Chalmers Swimming Pool

First race 6pm.

5-7 year olds:

Run ¾ lap around rugby field (400m ), swim 3 widths (30m)

8-10 year olds:

Run 2 laps around rugby field (1km) swim 2 lengths (60m)

11-14 year olds:

Run 3 laps around rugby field (1.5km) swim 5 lengths (150m)

Cost $10.00 per person in a Team or $10.00 Individual, Entries forms available Port Chalmers Pool and Moana Pool. Or email Entries close 25th Feb.

Contact Person: Licia Mihaka 0274178798