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November/December 2015

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our school library has been abuzz lately with learning-in-the-library, computer coding, battle-of-the-books, meetings and students busily borrowing books to read over the holidays.

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Last week, all students at Glenealy School in Year 1-6 participated in the largest learning event in history: Hour of Code!

The Hour of Code is a global movement with more than 100 million learners in 180 countries. Find out more here.

By exposing our students to fundamental computing concepts, we can help inspire today’s generation of students to build technology, and not just be passive end-users.

During the Hour-of-Code, our students choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, and learnt at their own pace. Each level and class did a slightly different course.

Our school’s Digital Literacy program will continue to build upon the skills of computer science - critical thinking, logic & reasoning, resilience & persistence, and creativity, which will help students excel at problem-solving in all subject areas.

If you’d like to see what your child has been doing at school, visit this website with your child to learn more! Some classes already have log-ins, others will receive their log in next term.

Contact Trish Oliver at with any questions.

See photos of the event below...

Books For Birthdays!

Thank you to all the students (featured below) who have participated in the School Books for Birthdays program.

We've had an outstanding response in Term 1, and over 60 students have donated new books this term alone - that's 60 new books for all to enjoy!

If your child has a birthday coming up in Term 2 or 3, please consider our Books For Birthdays program!

October, November & December birthdays...

Learning in the Library

Year 2 Unit of Inquiry

Year 2 classes have been researching and learning about many different celebrations during our Information Literacy time as part of their Unit of Inquiry.

We've been using many of the books and pre-selected websites and databases to find information and take notes as part of our research.

The whole unit was a celebration of learning!

Year 3 Unit of Inquiry

Year 3 classes have been working in the library to develop their research skills for their Sharing The Planet unit of inquiry all about animals and their habitats.

Students formulated questions, made a graphic organiser, took notes and thought of presentation modes to show their learning.

We all learned something new!

Year 4 Unit of Inquiry

Year 4 classes have been learning all about the Human Body and how the different body systems are all connected.

Students have been researching, taking notes and being careful of plagiarism by writing notes into their own words.

Carefully selected websites have helped with this and there's been lots of fun learning along the way!

Hong Kong Young Writers - starting in January!

Mr. Sangster and Mrs. Oliver will introduce the 2016 Hong Kong Young Writers competition to our students early in the new term, in the first week back in January.

If your child is a keen writer, please encourage them to join the writing competition. There is also a chance to enter cover art, if your child is a keen artist!

For more information, please see the HKYWA website here.

Borrowing from the Library

The library is open every day from 8:00 - 3:30.

Students can borrow every day before school from 8:00 - 8:30 and after school from 3:00 - 3:30.

The library is also open to students at lunchtime from 1:05-1:30, when they can change library books, play chess, read or just hang out with friends.

Community News


Please note that the following activities taking place in our school or at outside venues are provided by independent organisations and therefore are not endorsed by Glenealy School.

KidsFest is back...

KidsFest: a three-week festival of world-class theatre for young people, dedicated to creating and promoting a wide variety of performance styles from all corners of the world.

See books come to life!

To find out what's showing when, follow the link here.

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