Huckleberry Finn



In the beginning of the book it tells us some about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It tells us about how Tom and Huck found treasure at the end of the book and Huckleberry Finn starts out where Huck isn't really enjoying his new life, but if he wants to be in Toms new "gang" then he has to stay in line. Everything goes wrong when Hucks dad shows up and demands money. His dad took him back and locked him up in the cabin whenever he left. So Huck ran away while also faking his death. After a few days he meets Jim, one of Miss Watson's slaves. Huck and Jim set out and come upon a log raft and set out down the river.

In the middle of the book they come upon a thick fog one day and they miss their route. Jim and Huck meet two new people (con artists) and they tell them that they are from England and they are a King and a Duke. They have several crimes they commit in towns as they travel down the river with Huck. Then they give Jim to a farmer and tell the farmer he is a runaway that is worth a large amount of money. Huck finds this out and goes to free him.

The rest of the end has a pretty cool twist.


Main Character, adventurous


Huck's best friend, runaway slave who is trying to get to the free states


Huck's old friend, they meet up again towards the end of the book
Tom Sawyer und Huckleberry Finn - Intro

Book Review

Pros: Some of the things that happen to Huck and Jim are interesting and entertaining

Cons: Sometimes the dialogue is hard to understand, and some parts get a little bit boring

B - 3/5 R - 2/5 H - 3/5

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