Bearcat Brief

February 3, 2017

Notes from Niki

I was really inspired by parts of what Eddie Slowikowski did at his keynote and I hope the message of Be Your Best sticks with our kids. I would encourage you to continue using that language. You don't have to be THE best, but you do have to be (and should want to be) YOUR best.

Here's some food for thought before next week's faculty meeting. How can we get kids more excited to run into the doors of our school and classrooms than they are to run out? The enthusiasm that I saw during the assembly was awesome and energizing. Should we dance every day? Probably not, at least nobody wants to see me trying, but we could once in a while. Is our jobs to entertain kids? No, but it is our job to engage them- so what engages an 11 year old? Is that the same as for a 14 year old?

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Technology News

At the Tech Committee Meeting last week, we discussed a few things that are important for you to know:

All documents and pictures stored on your computer or drive affect the district's expenditure budget.

a. All information is backed up on the server and we have to pay for storage on the server! So... the more useless information we keep, the higher our monthly charge becomes.

b. If you have photos to save, please save them on a jump drive or upload them to the cloud.

c. Clean out your downloads. These count also!

d. Things on Google Drive, or other cloud-based storage are backed up by those companies, not the district so use this space as your primary storage site.

Altered Schedules

We have a couple of special events coming up. Here are the schedules for those days:

February 9, 2017- Imaginary Theater

1st Period- 8:00- 8:30

Imaginary Theater- 8:35- 9:35

2nd Period- 9:40- 10:17

3rd Period- 10:21- 10:58

4th Period- 11:02- 11:39

After 4th Period we will be back on the regular bell schedule.

Upcoming Events


February 6- 10- National School Counselor's Week

February 8- Early Dismissal, Specials PLC

February 9- Imaginary Theater, 8:30

February 10- National "Love Your Bus Driver" Day

February 11- Blue and White Night

February 14- Faculty Meeting ♥

February 21- 6th Grade PLC, 3:15

February 22- 7/8 Grade PLC, 7:15

February 23- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball home vs. Union, 5::30 (Gate- Tara, Concessions- Josh)