Simple Machines

How can we make life simpler?

What it takes to complete a Rude Goldberg Machine

Some times we sit back and think and wish that life was simpler. Well a man by the name Rube Goldberg brought that to reality. He create thing that could do thing for him. You probably thing I'm talking about robots. Guess what I'm not. this are more complex. They're Rude Goldberg machines. This machine use what we like to call simply machines. The 6 types of simple machines are: Screw, wedge, Wheel and axis, pulley, lever, and Inclined planes. As you may keep reading you will learn a little about each machine and how it helps put together a Rube Goldberg machine and how it make life a little more simpler.


There are three classes of levers. The first class is when the fulcrum is between the load and the effort. The second class is when the fulcrum is at one end. The effort at one end and the load is in the middle. The third class the Fulcrum at the one end and load is at one end and the effort is in the middle.


Inclined plane that is around shaft. converts rational motion into linear motion.


To inclined planes sandwiched together.

Inclined Plane

Simply a tilted surface. The steeper the slope the more the effort to push and pull something up.


It make work easier by changing the direction of the force.

Wheel and Axis

Wheel And axis helps move thing easily. The wheel is what helps move thing easy because it cause less fiction. The axis is what is attached to the wheel. The axis helps turn the wheel.