Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager Description

To be a marketing manager you not only have to be smart with numbers, but smart with people. You must know what the people like and what they want. You can team with another company or brand to make a better product or make your item stand out by a new slogan. The success you get from the sales of the product is not just all your idea but you make a lot more money.


Marketing Managers have all sorts of responsibilities. One is to stay organized so that you don't lose important documents or sales pitches. Or to finish work before a deadline, which means work at home and weekend working.

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Type of Education & Salary


In order to be a marketing manager you must have a good education. That good education being a bachelors degree or better.


The median wage for marketing manager in the state of Illinois in 2014 is anywhere from $119,000 to $132,290. A very good amount of money. The average wage for a marketing specialist in the 75th percentile, their wage can be up to $171,390.