No Excuses University


I agree with Lopez's perspective, we should be making our assessments about the children and not us. I think if more of us use this perspective more children will benefit from all the assessments we put them through and they may be more open to doing them. We can't think that the students don't sit back and ask themselves if it is beneficial to them. Sometimes we may think that the students are not interested in the information gathered from the assessment, but they want more feedback than we actually give. Students like to know where they stand and what can help them to improve.

Questions in assessment

I will ask these questions whenever I get an assessment to give to my students. These questions will also help me in getting the guidance needed if there is an assessment I am not quite sure how to deliver.

Partner in assessments

I usually explain to my students the assessment they are about to take and the reason they are taking it. I also give my student feedback from the assessment whether it is in the areas they need to improve in or even in areas that they are mastering. It is always good to tell them what they are good at too.