Stop using harmful tobacco products!

Why everyone shouldn't use tobacco!

Tobacco products used on a daily basis is not good for you. In most cases this ruins your life. All of the nicotine in the products are addictive and can take over your body. Also when you start using, its all you think about. To be honest you never get a break, and it is like devoting your life to the product. You'll crave it after starting.

How tobacco affects the body.

All tobacco products affects the body in many different ways. Also some of the products have a certain affect. For example, when you dip tobacco you're damaging your mouth, causing a hole in your lip, and most likely causing oral cancer. But one main factor of smoking or chewing any tobacco is that you are ruining your lungs, and putting yourself to have a closer chance to dying. These products contain more 7,000 chemicals, and every single one is bad from the body.

Lexi Williams